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The Odd Ms. Bodkins and the Big Crunch

"The Odd Ms. Bodkins and The Big Crunch" - Brother Goose Books

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"Ms. Bodkins is a very strange character in a good way. Quite liked the book. Not too long and not too short. I thought it was fun." 末Daniel Ashby, age 10

"I liked Ms. Bodkins' bodkin, all the gizmos and gadgets. And the little Black Hole drawing everything towards Earth. So all the planets and the galaxies and stuff were gonna, like, get smooshed. I like the mystery and suspense. I thought it was cool." 末Stephen Seirck, age 10

"I really liked it. It's a lot different from any other book I've ever read before擁n the writing style預nd the science. I think it's the perfect book for my age, because you're able to understand it enough to enjoy it, but it's also a little bit challenging. And I think that's perfect for 5th and 6th graders." 末Emma Northcott, age 11

"A children's book with a sly grownup twist that makes it an engaging story for readers of all levels. Brother Goose spins a tale of mystery and imagination that will catch your attention. A must read for young adults who love adventure, intrigue, fantasy, and suspense." 末Cynthia Adrian, School Teacher

"Wonderful. The idea that Ms. Bodkins specialty is 'bad boys' is so reaffirming that all children are loveable. I truly enjoyed the play on words, the whimsical vocabulary and the characterizations. Amusing, light hearted, delightful come to mind. Really well done. A book to be read and shared between parent and child." 末Elaine Seed, Children's Librarian since 1980

Illustrations by Frans Vischer, Disney Animator Illustrations by Frans Vischer, Disney Animator. About the Author

About the Author
BROTHER GOOSE, teased by bullies for being too smart, the target of the derogatory dig, "You talk big," chose to cloister himself in a monastery at the far end of the world and watch as those who prided themselves on talking small inherited the Earth, only to make a merry mess of it. Now, from his mountain perch, he enjoys dreaming dreams, thinking thoughts, and writing words that, with luck, may inspire young minds. And, maybe, someday, their dreams and thoughts and words and deeds can somehow undo the merry mess the prideful small-minded bullies have gotten us all into.